Moo :: Start Something Remarkable

Online print company Moo has been the first step for many along the path of self-promotion and personal branding with cheap but decent business cards.

Moo’s recent ad campaign produced by Creature has cleverly tapped into their data of successful customers, as well as the current cultural zeitgeist of the ‘entrepreneur’.

Branding and advertising in the most part is storytelling, so who better to tell your story than those who helped you create it. The ‘Start Something Remarkable’ campaign mines some rare advertising gold by not actually having to directly sell the product, instead exhibiting the actual use of the product and its tangible benefits through real life experience.

In this case those success stories are: SuperJam founder Fraser Doherty, Moshi Monster’s CEO Michael Action Smith and Heyday Footwear CEO Darin Hager. As for the proof being in the pudding, these examples serve up a treat.

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