Nick Grimshaw :: Breakfast Clique

“Ohhhh clique! I thought it was CLICK!!” – elliebrownie (YouTube)

That’s right Ellie; that’s right world: it’s Nick Grimshaw’s Breakfast Clique. Dads Army may have BBC Sunday’s on lock, but when it comes to the saving grace of the Corporation, Grimmers is their man – or one of them at least.

And when you’re in that position you can put your stamp on it. Just like the changing face of the US electorate, BBCs breakfast audience will never be the same again. This is about building the BBC-brand for the next generation of licence fee payer – or so they hope.

The digital age means the strategy of the Beeb is simple: build the digital audience and make BBC an indispensable brand by consensus, which in real terms is the biggest challenge the brand has ever faced. They’ll be hoping that joining the Radio 1 YouTube Clique is part of that long road to redemption.

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