Nick Scott :: School Portrait (V.2)

The School Portrait ‘internet sensation’ passed me by the first time round. But glad to say the extended version caught my attention.

The mottled sky blue background, the blinding light of the flash, Then on cue, you have to serve up one of your best pearly whites. Yes, the annual school portrait is probably an experience etched in minds of every individual (if you bothered to go to school that is).

Nick Scott uses the familiar scenario to address some of the very real issues that young people will face in the future in a funny and simple way. The school children’s perplexed expressions could be a metaphor for everyday Joe’s understanding and realisation of the economic mess we’re in, which is why it works so well. The several super-cute kids genuinely get to grips with the miserable photographers rants and requests, apart from one young lady who represents the eternal optimist.

The viral has certainly resonated with the public at large; School Portrait was nominated for a Webby Award and has since been dubbed in Spanish, Italian and Russian.

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