Nigel Peake :: The Broken Camera Club

Star Trek: Wagons in space. Fight Club: An office employee and a soap salesman build a global organization to help vent male aggression – The best moments in film stem from simple, compelling concepts.

The Broken Camera Club: 13 broken cameras and their downfall, illustrated by Nigel Peake. The cameras may have come to a sad end, but this booklet represents an idea worthy of a screenplay. Why? Because cameras by their vary usage are about stories. While the demise of these well illustrated beauties represent the end, an extension of the idea could take us back the beginning.

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Kodak Instatic 50 – Sept ’86 – Sand damage
Afga 150 Rapid – June ’94 – Water intrusion
Agfamatic 508a Sensor – April ’92 – Old age
Kodak Instatic 455x Jan ’07 – Rust
Agfa Isola Naz – Nov ’88 – Bad temper
Starlet Brownie – July ’97 – Out of zinc
Gevaphot – Feb ’02 – Ink covered lens
Olympus – June ’95 – Damaged from fall
Agfa Optima 1 – April ’05 – Smashed by a tiger bug
Gevaert – May ’91 – Outsprung spring
Gevabox MZ11-8 – Oct ’92 – Fright
Pallard box and Konishiroku – June ’84 – Spooling failure

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