Night Tales

Founded in 1977 as a training and enterprise organisation, Bootstrap Company emerged at a time when the country was experiencing ridiculously high levels of unemployment and industrial restructuring. Thirty six years later, as we continue to experience ridiculously high levels of unemployment and industrial restructuring [see Portsmouth ship yards], it’s of ever greater importance that small businesses / nubs of business innovation have places in which they can thrive.

Cue the team behind acclaimed Dalston Roof Park, Background Bars & Bootstrap Company, who bring you Night Tales: a six week project celebrating the best of London gastronomy and music culture, in the now transformed Bootstrap car park and underground WWII bunker.

The event opens tonight and runs from Thursday through to Saturday every week up until Christmas, providing food and drink guaranteed to warm your cockles no matter how cold it gets.


Night Tales | Bootstrap Company | The Print House | 18 Ashwin Street | London E8 3DL

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