Pelican Books of the 1960’s

1969 Facts from Figures - M.J.Moroney 1969 Changing Man's Behaviour - H.R.Beech 1969 Alcoholism - Kessel and Walton 1967 Human Guinea Pigs - M.H.Pappworth 1965 The Rise of the Meritocracy - Michael Young 1964 Sex and Society - Alex Comfort 1963 The Psychology of Study - C.A.Mace 1963 Riddles in Mathematics - Eugene P.Northrop 1962 White Settlers in Tropical Africa - L.H.Gann and P.Duignan 1962 The New Architecture of Europe - G.E.Kidder Smith 1961 The Status Seekers - Vance Packard

Pelican Books’ best selling book of all time is ‘Aircraft Recognition’ by R.A Saville-Sneath: a best-seller that only reinforced Pelican’s position as an educational, informative wing of Penguin Books.

Having first appeared in 1937 with ‘The Intelligent woman’s Guide to Socialism and Capitalism’ by George Bernard Shaw, various academics were bought in as advisors on the Pelican brand, but like so many organisations overrun with top-heavy management and the like, Pelican Books sadly ran out of steam. This happened in 1984, but over those forty seven years, Pelican published thousands of titles – most of which have come to be defined by their exquisitely designed series of books covers. Some of which we’ve featured here.

But there is a happy ending to this story, as as of April 2014, the imprint was relaunched, with the first five titles appearing in May.

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