Planning Unit :: Indoor posters

Childhood provides the perfect analogy for adulthood. Largely because, as adults, we are forced into adopting the ways of ‘adulthood’, while resisting the urge to simply go out and fly kites. Or take risks. Or experiment. Or just to go out on a limb. Indoors – the short film directed by Si&Ad of Academy Films– provides such an analogy via the endeavours of an 11 year old boy and a similarly aged boy. Si&Ad’s recent work for Robinson’s ‘Pal’s campaign show a particular show a perceptive touch for articulating the child-adult relationship dynamics. Planning Unit’s identity, film posters and titles that capture both a subtle sense of entrapment and the uneasy, reluctant relationship that builds between the two young protagonists. I could be reading far too much into this, but that’s what an interesting trailer and accompanying artwork allow us to do.]]>

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