Pygmalion Karatzas :: Fine art architectural photography

Very permanent structures juxtapose a transient, almost melting skyline. Yes, photographer and architect Pygmalion Karatzas’ work definitely has more than a touch of Salvador Dali-Sebastião Salgado’s about it, coupled with a crisp graphic quality.

Born in Greece, Pygmalion studied architecture in Budapest and urban design in Edinburgh. Like the work of legendary contemporary Balthazar Korab, this series clearly represents the work of a well travelled eye. Stunning.

4 responses to “Pygmalion Karatzas :: Fine art architectural photography”

  1. Hummm I rather like the “edge and softness” of the images. the ‘non-colour’ palette heightens that duality, so that the tones are sharp and the contrast marked but not not jarring. I like, like.

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