Ronzo :: Born Vandal

ronzo_baby_blue_01 ronzo_baby_blue_05 10554105_470305806406402_1294465867_n ronzo_baby_blue_04 ronzo_baby_blue_03 What are we destined to become? Is our path already foretold, or is life just a random chain of events? Ronzo a.k.a ‘Vandal Extraordinaire’ poses these existential questions in his recent limited print run of Born Vandal: a print run in such demand that they’ve already sold out, leaving those late to the party to either ponder such questions while staring at these digital images, at the Saints & Sinners’ Group Show at StolenSpace, London E1. :: ‘Born Vandal – Blue’ // Released at the StolenSpace show Saints & Sinners in London, July 2014 3 colour screen print on heavy 200gsm paper // Dimensions: 42cm width x 42cm height // limited run of 25 (sold out)]]>

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