Roots Manuva :: ‘Facety 2:11’ (Prod. Four Tet)


The semi-screwfaced boat-race (above), closely resembles that of any sentient being listening to ‘Facety 2:11 — the latest exercise in musical anthropology by Roots Manuva.

There aren’t many that hang off of a percussive riff like our Rodney. And fewer still with the adaptability – and dare we say the capability – to keep music fans guessing / wanting for more since the mid-nineties. Do your maths and you’ll know that Rodney Hylton Smith sits in the company of very few.


New 12 inch ‘Facety 2:11’ with the heavyweight Kieran Hebden (Four Tet) on production, will be released May 4th via Big Dada

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