Shadrack and the Mandem :: Hood Stuff Pt.1 & 2

Self deprecating humour doesn’t normally come high on the young alpha males’ CV, but that could be about to change. Let me introduce you to Shadrack and the Mandem, courtesy of

It’s high time that ‘urban’ male posturing got a full satirical send-up and Shadrack’s series of video treats send the whole culture up through the roof. Coupled with a twitter campaign that takes the concept onto new 140 letter highs and what you’ve got is comedy for a new age with a level of wisdom and insight that is ageless.

In their own words, want to ‘simply be the back bone of, online home grown UK comedy entertainment.’ And anything is possible, as this is what I call true cultural ownership of the good, the bad, the ugly & the absolutely hilarious.

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