Stationery Compositions

presentandcorrect6 presentandcorrect2 presentandcorrect4 presentandcorrect5 presentandcorrect7 presentandcorrect10 presentandcorrect8 presentandcorrect9 One of my ‘back to school’ highlights was the excuse to update ones stationery game. It was a process of careful selection of the dopest pencil case – or in my ‘later years’, fountain pen – numerous pencils, rubbers, ruler kits, and oh, not forgetting the compass. Former graphic designers Neal Whittington and Mark Smith clearly held a similar propensity for carefully selected pencil case paraphernalia. Their own London based stationery boutique Present and Correct specialises in vintage / modern stationery and office accessories that have been curated to every millimetre – literally. Stationery Compositions is an ‘extra-curricular’ project that beautifully showcases the stores range of stock, as well as providing a great example of modern marketing.]]>

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