Sun Ra Business Cards :: Branding from Outer Space

When you know yourself, things tend to fall into place. When you have an interplanetary vision, things are destined for outer space.

For the uninitiated, Le Sony’r Ran (1914 – 1993) was founder of pioneering Jazz collective Sun Ra Arkestra. Sun Ra himself claimed to be of the “Angel Race”: not from Earth, but from Saturn – of course. A complex, principled persona, Sun Ra defined himself by an unwillingness to feed into popular narratives of the time, or any other time for that matter.

With a clear proposition straight from the Bill Bernbach copybook of headline writing, these Sun-Ra business cards – like everything about Sun Ra – seem almost from another world. “Why buy old sounds? Buy new sounds from the future”, makes for a compelling argument. ‘Beta music for Beta people’? Well I rest my case.

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