Tawiah :: Sealion

Now I love free things, who doesn’t? But as I hit the Soundcloud download button to bag a free copy of Tawiah’s new single Sealion, a wave of self-consciousness crept over me. I began to consider  how such beautifully crafted work could possibly come without an intrinsic monetary value. Of course music is art, but it is also commercial art. The evolution of the music industry has put the artist in a (potentially) stronger position of ownership. Common sense dictates that when the recorded ‘art’ becomes the marketing tool there is still something fundamentally wrong with the business model. For an industry still in flux, it is the independent artiste in the majority who are giving away music, or major labels attempting to seed of new artists. Tawiah is an undeniable talent who inhabits another alternative business model space. At last account she was signed to Warner Brothers (or whoever they’ve merged into these days), yet has still released material financed independently. Whichever way it works out, Tawiah needs to be gracing our headphones, screens and concert venues for years to come – not to mention being recouped royally for her talents. :: Sealion video was directed by Georgi Banks-Davies]]>

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