The Affair #GoDark with the Orwellian approved fashion range

In ‘1984’ George Orwell imagined a future dominated by government surveillance and fear. Today, modern billboards use facial recognition software to target consumers with personalised advertisements, the NSA records and analyses citizen key strokes to build thought profiles and smart phone signals track our every move on the surveillance grid. Fiction has become fact.

The data wars rage on. Inspired by a post-Snowden reality, the ‘1984’ stealth fashion collection from The Affair introduces the untrackable and unhackable ‘UnPocket’. Each piece in the ‘1984’ collection, ranging from chinos to work shirts, is designed around a detachable stealth pocket made from police-grade shielding fabrics that securely block all Cell, WiFi, GPS and RFID signals to ~ 100 dB.

Pop your phone, passport and bank cards inside the ‘UnPocket’ and revel in your invisibility. The military-inspired workwear range lets fashion-conscious disruptors reclaim their privacy. So whether you’re dismantling the system or just relaxing off-grid, you can do it in style.


#GoDark and support The Affair’s Kickstarter campaign.

2 responses to “The Affair #GoDark with the Orwellian approved fashion range”

  1. Super interesting concept.
    And totally counter the data-casting or wearable tech trend of late. I can see people instantly adopting the UnPocket for passive blocking of things like wallets/passports etc … it will be interesting if they can handle putting the “elephant in the room”, their smartphone, in the pouch.
    Aside from the BB aspect of this, perhaps this is the start of a new era; the return to when people had attention spans greater 2 seconds. Huh, what’s that?

  2. @sven because we’re inspired by literature we made the call to focus on Orwell and the BB aspect and thus not to promote the “undistractable” angle. But you’re totally right and we certainly use it that way ourselves = to carve out some mental space when we need to write or design or problem solve.

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