The Guardian :: 2014 Wildlife photographer of the Year (Environment)

The last great picture by Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols (USA)

Night of the deadly lights by Ary Bassous (Brazil)

Glimpse of the underworld by Christian Vizl (Mexico)

The mouse, the moon and the mosquito by Alex Badyaev (Russia:USA)

Cardinal sparks by Patrik Bartuska (Czech Republic)

Apocalypse by Francisco Negroni (Chile)

The longline lottery by Rodrigo Friscione Wyssmann (Mexico)

The price they pay by Bruno D’Amicis (Italy)

Stinger in the sun by Carlos Perez Naval (Spain)

Touché by Jan van der Greef (The Netherlands)

A media business model based on advertising has to be big – and stay big. It does this by saturating audiences with content at the sake of the careful curation of content. Of course, the art of the editorial is in itself curatorial process, but that often takes the form of carefully crafted narrative construction and an ability to pad out necessary word counts. See Britain, don’t put your faith in Russell Brand’s revolution for reference.

Then there’s the ‘content worth sharing’ angle, of which the The Guardian 2014 Wildlife photographer of the Year series fits nicely: the best of a year’s worth of environmental photography made readily available for sharing via an HTML5 gallery interface that signals an upgrade in the papers’ digital offering.


The Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014 exhibition is on show at the Natural History Museum, London

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