The Guardian :: a 2013 photographic review

Typhoon Haiyan aftermath in the Philippines

Bradley Manning

A lighting strikes the basilica of St.Peter's dome during a storm

Glenn Greenwald hugs his partner David Miranda as he returns to Brazil after being detained by UK authorities_Ricardo Moraes_Reuters

Garment factory fire

Female fighter in Syria_Sebastiano Tomado_Rex

Chicago warehouse fire

A team of 12 people work for four hours to give Boris the polar bear his annual health checkup. The 27-year-old, 66-stone bear – who was rescued from a Mexican circus 10 years ago and now lives in Point Defiance Zoo, Tacoma, Washington

The area around Magdeburg is flooded after the Elbe bursts its banks. Insurers paid out close to £2bn

Taksim Square protest_

“I was in London when the protests began in Turkey. I told my desk in Frankfurt that I wanted to be there – I’m from Istanbul – this was my story. I was nervous on adrenaline, but you have to keep calm and not just shoot everything you see. I could see this guy resisting the police while the water cannon was coming and I knew I had to wait. He got away and wasn’t too badly hurt. But five people died and 15 lost their eyes.” — Kerim Okten / Camera Press

A year in pictures, courtesy of the world’s brave, opportunistic photographers, via The Guardian.


Dieter Telemans/Panos // Dennis Sabangan/EPA // Alessandro Di Meo/EPA // Ricardo Moraes/Reuters // Sebastiano Tomado/Rex // Robert Stolarik/Carters News Agency // Thomas Peter/Reuters // Munir Uz Zaman/AFP // Daniel Berehulak/Getty

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