Timothy Doyle reinterprets Simpsons’ World









Bart is still a little rascal and Maggie still wears diapers, but believe it or not, The Simpsons is twenty-five years old this year. When looking back to those ‘pre-internet’ days it was obvious that Amuuurica would continue to provide Matt Groening and his cast of fellow geniuses with enough stimuli to last a life time.

That The Simpsons continues to be backed by Fox Broadcasting Company — the very company that in of itself could lay claim to the absurd broadcast / socio-political landscape that Groening and his team thrive on — is not without its own sense of ironic humour.

Just this week, The Guardian online asked just what [do] The Simpsons teach us about Rob Ford and other mayoral mysteries. Such journalistic insight drew reference between Toronto’s crack-smoking Mayor Rob Ford — who currently stands a chance of re-election — with Springfield’s tax-cheating, pot-smoking spendocrat Mayor Quimby.

Illustrator Timothy Doyle reflects upon a dystopian narrative that underlines The Simpsons dry, caustic and unparalleled level of 5-second-per-laugh humour and insight. If Springfield were to stand in the witches mirror, the reflection would most definitely look like this.

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