Tom Hunter :: Public Spaces, Public Stages

The definition of what constitutes ‘public space’ is becoming an increasingly complex proposition to understand. From land ownership to freedom of expression, public space in the UK is actually in limited supply.

Tom Hunter’s Public Spaces, Public Stages exhibition at the Print House Gallery Dalston, explores public places in his neighbourhood Hackney that became stages for the community:

“It is important to find and interpret spaces removed from the increasingly pervasive commercialization and sanitization of my community through ubiquitous property development driven on by economic greed. These images thus talk of civic pride, community, its spaces, history and how we fit into our surroundings”

Taken with a large format pinhole camera, the series of images give a sense of the dramatic to well-worn shared venues. The rich warm tones add a luxuriousness quality to spaces and places that often overlooked.


Public Spaces, Public Stages runs until the 25th March 2013.

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