Urban Cottage Industries x Print Club London exhibit the Heidelberg Platen linotype machine

“So…are you press or a guest?” “Errr, both I think…” was my answer. While sounding like a man trying to blag my way into the Print Club LondonUrban Cottage Industries #Cardpress project launch, it wasn’t the case, honest.  So after a warm welcome from Sara, I managed to get my mits on a mojito from a queue of like, a thousand people or so, largely thanks to and PCL founder Kate.

The legendary – and very nearly defunct – Heidelberg Platen linotype machine represented the main attraction on a night of many treats. Imagine a Willy Wonker print-making derivative and you have some idea of a machine and print process that very nearly was consigned to the scrap heap.

A shared ethos clearly set the stage for this collaboration, with both Print Club London and Urban Cottage Industries equally dedicated to traditional techniques defined by meticulous process.

UCI originally started from the humble origins on a kitchen table in east London, selling grubby lighting salvage via online auctions. That same lighting made for an intimate ambiance on the night in the post-industrial event space-come-film-set MC Motors.  UCI’s ‘About Page’ makes for an advanced guide in both business ethics and wider socio-economic theory.

UCI have no agency staff, no temporary staff and no staff on zero-hours contracts. On top of a rock solid employment contract, their employees benefit from the security of a stake in the equity of our company and a share in its annual profits. Facts like these may seem like an abstract insertion to an event review, but to see every UCI master technicians in a brown coat (big-ups to Stanley) working so diligently to inform and assist such a bristling audience is to witness the true meaning of the term ‘stakeholder’.

Then of course there were the top draw designs by Pure Evil, Alice Stallard, Margaux Carpentier, Anthony Peters, PCL Creative Director Rose Stallard and personal favourite James Joyce – all of which are available to buy online.


Images courtesy of Print Club London

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  1. Is was hard graft pulling the about page together and much more so to make it an honest reality. You’re not the first person to understand why it’s fundamental to what we deliver, but you are the first to write about it. Thank you.

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