Volkswagen :: Commercial Vehicles’ campaign

Builders’ tea and a builders phone. Two terms equally synonymous with a no-nonsense, straightforward attitude devoid of fanciful trimmings – a bit like my friend Chris.

If you’ve ever owned a ‘Builders Phone’ then you’ll know why the outdoor marketing spend for this VW Commercial Vehicles coincides with both a subtle shift in campaign strategy and media buying priorities.

‘Builders Phones’ are phones that work. They’re phones that don’t really allow for endless online streaming, as builders / plumbers / engineers are more likely to be found up some scaffolding or under your sink fixing a leak.

In fact, the last builder who asked my advice about building a website made Fred Flintstone look and sound like a Steve Jobs protégé, which isn’t to say that business owners in need of practical transportation aren’t digitally savy – far from it – but when dealing in the practical / real world, there’s little point engaging in the ethereal, prying world of t’internet.

The VW Commercial Vehicles’ campaign finds the customer where they reside: that space and place to and from work, either stuck in traffic or flying over a fly-over. We have it on good word that this 486sqm Alfa Laval M4 flagship OOH (Out of Home Media) site location exposes an estimated 125,000 people every day, which in digital terms equates to really really big banner ad.

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