At home with Walé Adeyemi

Let’s admit it; from the exterior to the interior, we’re a nosey nation with a deep affection and appreciation of beauty. This led us on to wonder if the personal style of the ‘most stylish’ is reflected in their private spaces. So voyeurs and lovers of all things homes & interiors, we have a rare treat for you.

London born Nigerian Walé Adeyemi MBE has made a name for himself as a global style leader. You may have seen him on TV inspiring young people, or on international fashion and music circuits. His credits include: fashion designer (B-Side and former creative director at New Era), entrepreneur, industry spokesperson, music promoter, Princes Trust Ambassador and stylist to an international A-List. He’s that guy; whose take on fashion has become synonymous with style; which the young and stylish love to eat up.

At home he and his Mrs (Valerie) have curated a beautiful space full of interesting, tactile objects with stories to tell about city lifestyle and fashion. We had an opportunity to view Wale’s collection of prized possessions inside a home bursting with colour, style, energy and personality.

We sneak a peek of his MBE memorabilia in a tasteful home that balances the ying and yang, boy meets girl with a big dose of original retro freshness. Everything from vintage Dior sunglasses, a stunning portrait of President Obama by painted by fine artist Benjamin Wachenje, and a spray painted stag head to a golden pig wearing his very own New Era snap back cap.


Photography: Rich ‘Blk’ Mkoloma & Style Canteen

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