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“Let’s cut to the chase, ‘fun’ in the creative business landscape can be interpreted in a range of ways. What I’d like to do in this piece is scratch the surface of the value that ‘fun’ holds for creative businesses across the board and what that might mean when it comes to motivating your team, building client relationships and talking about your business. 

Fun for me is an absolutely critical element that powers every day and one of the core reasons work gets done. Without fun, there’s not much point *Sad face Emoji*.”

— Paul Gosling, We Are Empire Commercial Director

During the month of June, Manchester creative digital studio We Are Empire will be celebrating 16bit gaming and its impact on the modern digital landscape.

The studio will be producing various white papers on the power of gamification, the impacts of technical progression, studies on user interaction and even impacts on culture and what that means for end clients, all of which will be steered by the appropriate heads of department at We Are Empire.

“As a studio we are incredibly passionate about creative digital work and the impact on the brands we work with, and so by combining that with one of our other passions, games consoles from the early nineties we couldn’t be any happier. We want to provoke conversation around some really key topics in our industry. We hope that our approach makes for some interesting reading.” — P.G.

Alongside plans to conduct “extensive ‘research” by hooking up some retro consoles in the studio, WAE will be running events and competitions throughout the month of June, with announcements made via their Twitter feed.


All the white papers will be published on the We Are Empire website

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