What does art have to do with S.W.A.G?

In his 2011 self-titled book, economist Joe Roseman established the asset class definition ‘SWAG’ (Silver, Wine, Art and Gold) after witnessing the fallout from the global recession’s impact on ‘growth’ and high inflation and what Roseman cites as ‘the incompetence’ of Governments to deal with the economy.

Shares and bonds traditionally perceived as secure dividend investments for investors, have become ever more risky. According to Roseman, the appeal of SWAG assets are that they remain unaffected by turbulent equity markets and in worst case scenarios, sovereign default. Roseman’s theory has its supporters and neigh-sayers, however what is certain is that the wealthy have always paid keen attention to the A in S.W.A.G. – Art.

So if you’re in the market for stocking up your assets and simply sprucing up the living room then why not earn your investor training stripes with Jester Jacques Art.

Jester Jacques have built up a reputation over the past year of selling cutting edge artists work such as Jon Burgerman and Sweet Toof but the online and pop-up gallery have recently moved into fine art.

Curated by the Directors of JJ Art, the collection features young and mid-career artists. The range of paintings, sculptures, collages and photographs have all been chosen for their quality, individuality and investment potential, with the current selection only available until January 1st.


Jesse Treece ‘Valley’ Original Collage available from Jester Jacques Art

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