World Press Photo Awards 2010

The winners of the World Press Photo awards were announced late last week, with Pietro Masturzo‘s photograph of a group of women shouting from a Tehran rooftop in protest at the Iranian presidential results taking Photo of the Year.

Check out some of the other category winners, that range from harrowing to humorous, and are all amazing snapshots of an eventful 2009.

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SPOT NEWS STORIES 1st Walter Astrada, Argentina, Agence France-Presse. Bloodbath in Madagascar, February

PEOPLE IN THE NEWS SINGLES 2nd David Guttenfelder, USA, The Associated Press. US soldiers respond to Taliban fire outside their bunker, Korengal Valley

CONTEMPORARY ISSUES SINGLES 2nd Stefano De Luigi, Italy, VII Network for Le Monde Magazine. Giraffe killed by drought, northeast Kenya, September

NATURE STORIES 1st Paul Nicklen, Canada, National Geographic. South Georgia, Antarctica

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