Zoom or Room? The future of collaboration

With more ways to communicate and collaborate than ever before, does more really mean better?

2020 has been a real one, with great waves of change in a shockingly short space of time, and multiple channels with which to zone or out of said realness — depending on your preference.

Zoom, email, text, Whatsapp, social media, and even over the phone or just IRL — we now have more ways to communicate and collaborate than ever before. But does more really mean better?

ReDesign Business is a week-long virtual conference the kicked off yesterday, Mon 14 Sept, looking at the intersection of design and business.

Taking a step back from the noise will be Helen Arvanitakis, director of Design District in conversation with Sarah Mann, head of programmes at the Design Council, James Turner, co-founder of creative collective Glimpse and our very own co-founder, Ansel Neckles, to discuss all things creativity and collaboration.

From decades-long trends to sudden technological shifts and recent experiments with remote working, the panel will offer their industry expertise to discuss the challenges and opportunities with creativity in work. This is a perfect opportunity to hear from industry insiders about what works and what doesn’t during these unprecedented times.


Zoom or Room? The Future of Collaboration w/ Helen Arvanitakis (Design District) in conversation w/ Sarah Mann (Design Council), James Turner (Glimpse) and Ansel Neckles (Let’s Be Brief) // Tue 16 Sept 12:00 PM // Book your ticket here

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